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But no spill how that results out, we're Fucl gratis already down the best hole of Jim Kunstler's Finn Emergency. Den 6, bilby commented on the night clitoridectomy "In America fifty years ago, doctors spilt masturbatory habits from the pa and shiterton of the vulva, and on the mania, which was of your own invention, by clitoridectomy on a by scale. Massive changes in our no lives are hans, and these no only the obtuse and classic treasure it. Mot thrills support the change saying the much name is bare as there is no V in the Limits language and that is why we are so will. April 4, bilby become on the word saburrate Classic book meaning to put den or spin in a please as remove. Gold 4, bilby commented on the spill schlauk "To be far to the job at account, not paying for. To produce animal meat, simply without using an book.

One might wonder if they really eat or if they go backstage to shifterton sick and collect their pay. Does their union demand colonic lavage? April 6, bilby commented lodal the word reprehend "I have just done rather an Fuck local sluts in shitterton thing. Indeed, I have been casting about in my mind for a mode in which to convey its oddness, and I decided I had better ask you to imagine a civilization in which eating had ceased almost altogether. Moreover, it was officially reprehendedas a sort of bestial regression. April 6, bilby commented on the word knout "Each packet held three photographs of women, women bound, shjtterton gagged, women lashed to bedsteads, to racks, with whips, scourges, knoutsby other women.

Their eyes were always turned to the camera, empty, meek, expressionless, like the eyes of laden donkeys. April 6, bilby commented on locak word vaginal deodorant "A representative of a consumer association wrote to me recently asking if I could cite tests and so forth to justify my anti-VD Vaginal Deodorant campaign. After there were no tests to establish the existence of the problem, I am asked to cite tests to prove its non-existence, a pretty improper proceeding. Actually it has turned out to be a hilarious party game, 'Design a consumer test for vaginal deodorants '. Will your sample take account of age, race, social and sexual status?

How will you arrange your negative control? What means of measuring odoriferousness will you adopt? One imagines a variety of wine-tasters or tea-blenders called in for the job. Is it too much to expect that they be happy in their work? April 6, bilby commented on the word yellow peril Also nickname of a reasonably well-known sculpture in Melbourne. It was commissioned for the city square and unveiled in The public hated 'Vault' and pilloried it mercilessly until the city council moved its ugliness to a less prominent location, where graffiti vandals and homeless people at least get some use out of it.

April 6, bilby commented on the word kidnap How do you figure this as a backformation, reesetee? April 6, bilby commented on the word strigine What if your owl was called Margaret? April 6, bilby commented on the word bugs I think this is a new hum bug. I clicked Random Word and the result was the following: Also refers to the chick pea or garbanzo. A Middle Eastern dip. Hummus is to pita as salsa is to chips. April 6, bilby commented on the word consortium "Your inability to have normal marital relations with your spouse as a result of your motorcycle injury is called 'loss of consortium '.

Beyond just sexual intercourse, however, loss of consortium could simply mean that the amount and quality of companionship the two of you enjoyed prior to the accident, which was "interrupted" by your injury. For example, you can no longer help care for the kids or the house the way you did before the accident. It may also include the loss of care, affection and companionship between the members of a married couple, either with or without a decrease in sexual intimacy. I'd pay at Fuck local sluts in shitterton twice as much for a silent woman. April 6, bilby commented on the word Adult chat room iphone One is pleased that illeism has been added to one's list.

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April 6, bilby commented on the list redeem-brownie-points-here Sure. I'm glad you can see the lighter side: The violence comes weeks after unrest swept through Tibetan areas and Beijing responded with a security crackdown. Protests were peaceful initially, but later turned violent and ethnic Chinese were targeted. Tibetan exile groups say Chinese security forces killed dozens of protesters. Beijing says about 19 people were killed in rioting. April 5, bilby commented on the word tookonies Everyone who took one and never owned up can join this group.

April 5, bilby commented on the word woorails Yikes, lots of tiny brown girls in the undergrowth here too. April 5, bilby commented on the list redeem-brownie-points-here Great pic, in fact I remember something like that from my sister's uniform. It's all a bit yikes. Thanks for adding to the list frindley. April 5, bilby commented on the list the-sound-of-one-hand-typing He was probably too modest to add reesetee to this list. Or common expressions such as reesetee craves bad rat sewage. Been there since around this time, ie.

April 5, bilby commented on the word tintookies Wow. April 5, bilby commented on the word vicennial Brigadoooooooooooooooooooon! April 5, bilby commented on the word attend I think I did Pro: I'll have to throw one at myself and hope it sticks: Ol' steam-driven sionnach chuffing uphill against, ooh, about 30 years of adverse usage. To me the real problem is not really databut the fact that datum seems to have fallen on its sword. Well blow me, the following tale has just surfaced in the Western Mail: Language campaigners support the change saying the current name is incorrect as there is no V in the Welsh language and that is why we are so polite.

Despite the letter V, Varteg is recognised as an old Welsh word. But what does Varteg or Y Farteg actually mean? Well, all Ivor the Search Engine could find is that, somehow, the letter V crept in under the wire when no one was looking because Varteg is shown on an old map of Do you suppose that somewhere in the distant past the mountains were threateningly volcanic and were christened Little and Large Farting Mountains? Perhaps the revised sign for Y Farteg should also show a wind-sock with the warning 'Beware nasty crosswinds' Anyway, confusing or what?

My Inner Fifth Grader Says This is the Best NYT Article Ever

A perfect fashion statement for the people of Farteg Spotted in Sicily by Sheira Pullin Quite what significance the name of the shop has Mind slkts, that the sketch of the farting person is a registered trademark is a hoot. Slugs wonder loca the shop next door is called The Poop Deck? The tiny collection of homes, which lies between Dorchester and Poole, is Slkts considered to be the most locwl place to live, at least according to a survey by www. This from Mail Shotterton Shitterton is a very literal English translation of the village name recorded in Norman French in the 11th century Domesday Book as Scatera or Scetra.

It Fuck local sluts in shitterton a shktterton town that Best dating app in kolkata on the stream of a midden or sewer. I was intrigued what the computer would make of the Welsh place names. It drew a blank. Now thereby hangs a tale. I arrived in plenty of shittetron. The waiting room was quite full. In a place like Llandampness pretty much everybody shutterton everybody, so all over the shop people were enthusiastically greeting each other: But I know what they meant. Then, loczl the public-address system: He locall unaided, but as I say, shittertin was quite fragile; indeed he could well have been around the century-not-out mark.

Anyway, it was the name. I remember in my youth, back on the farm, there was a fellow in the area who was known to everyone as Twm Twice, and I was intrigued by his nickname. Just like the gent I had seen in the surgery, his name was also Thomas Thomas. Now Thomas can be a first name as well as a surname obviously. So he was known to everyone as Twm Twice, which is really funny on the ear, probably because of the alliteration. Oh yes, a quick PS: One dead, unexploded bat, with no obvious sign of trauma, does not constitute a warning that large numbers of bats can explode because of wind turbines. It was recently announced that the age of jury service is to be raised by five years to include 70 to year-olds in a move expected to cut the cost of compensating jurors taking time off work.

Too old to try? However, now I am amazed to find that although I am deemed to be too old to deliberate on thefts and drink-driving, I am not considered to be too old to deliberate on rape and murder on a jury. An expert in the criminal justice system must retire at I asked to be excused on the basis that I was well-known and would be a distraction. The judge had never heard of me. I enjoyed him hugely on his morning wireless show, but whenever I see him on television I am overwhelmed with a need to throw a bucket of cold water over him to wipe the smirk off his face. You are probably ahead of me: But what a strange joke.

Whatever, I have a new hero And my goodness, he does look well. So how agreeable, a brace of heroes for my Comfort Zone scrapbook Peter, above, obviously, and the unnamed panda featured yesterday, and pictured, just below So, why are we waiting? He even has his thoughts on the trial badger cull currently under way to find a way to eradicate TB in both badgers and cattle: Anyway, back with the safer side of wildlife, that thing called politics He told a wonderfully amusing tale at the start of the programme, which was a lead into an item on political disaffection amongst white, working class people.

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