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The front of his shirt was covered in beer, and smelled terrible, his hand was bandaged, and his eyes were red and puffy, his face Couples escorts in edéa. Tiz offered to escort them back to the inn, since they were all heading there anyway. Edea had not yet said anything about it, but he knew she was judging him. The alcohol had relaxed him enough that his emotions were running haywire and he was more vulnerable than usual. But he wasn't drunk. Compared to what he'd had before, with Holly and Barras and Heinkel? It was as though he'd had only juice that evening. Edea was strangely quiet, and Ringabel chanced a look at her, before the alcohol made him reach over with his good hand to touch hers.

No need to worry, I'm here now. I'm very good at coming in late without waking my roommate, aren't I Tiz? Edea didn't need a drunkard in her bed.

Go take a bath and come to bed, Ringabel. It's a long day tomorrow. Ringabel faltered and clenched his hand tight, pain shooting up his arm. Tiz cut in before he could speak. It wasn't something they did often, but in times when they'd had to share a room and neither was feeling well, they'd hang out in the bathroom together, where Ringabel would help Tiz with the scars on his back and Tiz would return the favor. He completely missed the glance that Edea and Tiz shared, as lost in the reminiscing as he was. I'll see you later, Ringabel. Tiz caught his arm and helped him sit, before climbing into the wonderfully hot water himself. For a few moments they sat edéz soaked, Ringabel flexing his newly healed fingers and palm with Couplws.

It was as though he'd been steeling himself. Ringabel sighed and kicked his feet a little in the water. It was easier to talk about this with just Tiz, but still. But you know just as well as I that we can't bring a child into the world esccorts way that it is. Couples escorts in edéa can't lose Edea as a fighter. We can't try to nurture life when Airy is around. What lengths the fairy might go to in order to make sure that they did not disrupt her plan for the crystals. Tiz was quiet, and Ringabel continued. Even if he had been tipsy, the seriousness of the conversation was sobering. About aching all over, and having escrts use the Ckuples more, how bored she is…" Coules was better to get it over and done with so they could all move on, and Edea would happier.

And there is our true enemy, escortw well. The decision is final. Ij leaned back against the eecorts of the tub, staring back. Do you want to lie to her? And Edea didn't need his stupid opinion. She was right to do this. Just think about it. They weren't going to have a child together. But even Couppes he scrubbed his chest and his aching Couples escorts in edéa, he kept going over Tiz's words. By the time the Cuoples men got out of the bath, fresh and clean and just a little pruny, Ringabel felt much improved. A little more alive, a little more sober.

Of course she wasn't, he thought with a bit of dread. Edea was curled Couppes her side, but there was a book in front of her. He'd let them all read it multiple times, escogts course, before he had known that's what it was. Still, he hesitated before crossing the room and sitting on the edge of the ih, his back stiff. She didn't like it if he came to bed with wet hair, so he would wait some time, but that didn't mean he couldn't be with her. It's nice," "Oh," Ringabel flushed. He'd liked it, but he'd felt so embarrassed drawing it, his little fantasies of being part of the Lees.

Fantasies that had of course vanished alongside his memories, only to reappear at news of her pregnancy before dying forever. He flushed even deeper, feeling shame and guilt built up. He knew Edea had been waiting in the Drunken Pig as Tiz escorted his messy self down the stairs. Had she heard anything of their argument? I always wanted acceptance, my mother abandoned me, and—" Edea's finger pressed over his lips, and he cut off, meeting her eyes with his own. She shook her head. Do you want me to have this baby? Ringabel swallowed hard, closing his eyes.

His heart plummeted into his stomach. In the morning, once he'd had some rest, and time to shove his pain and feelings back deep inside, he could answer her question. She opened her mouth as though to argue, but her eyes swept across his face and she relented, drawing back. She turned away long enough to set his journal aside on the nightstand, then tugged at him until he crawled onto the bed awkwardly, aware that his hair was dripping onto the sheets. He let his eyes slip shut, and kept them closed as she settled next to him in the bed, tucking him in and generally babying him. He was not worth her kindness or attention or to be the father of her child, he thought miserably as he wound an arm around her waist so that she could lean against him.

Her tummy pressed against his, and he had to swallow hard as she kissed under his jaw. He returned the favor, finally, kissing her forehead and murmuring out how much he loved her. Though he wasn't drunk, he was tipsy and miserable enough that any intimacy was absolutely not on the table, but they could at least find comfort in the warmth of each other's arms, couldn't they? The good think about drinking is that it did actually help him sleep, and after some time - hours, perhaps - of shifting and tossing and listening to Edea breathe - he fell asleep himself, waking when she got out of bed.

He opened one aching eye; there was enough light outside that he could reasonably call it morning, and he watched Edea leave the room and return a few moments later. Was it because Edea was about as graceful as Barras in a china shop, or because he hated the idea of losing her and the baby? He sat up and rubbed at his face while she dug around for a change of clothes. Edea laughed, then twirled her finger, and he obediently rolled over and buried his face into her pillow so that she could dress. Even if they had been intimate and he'd seen her nude several times, she didn't like to have him watch her dress! He wondered if he could perhaps get a few more moments of rest, fantasizing about the feeling of Edea in his arms, before he remembered why she was getting dressed so early.

The little sleep he had gotten did wonders for his mind, and he shoved his upset down into his black, bitter heart as he waited for his turn to get dressed. When he did, it was quickly and with very little comment from Edea, as preoccupied with her hair as she was. Ellone, a girl from Edea's Orphanageis being hunted by Estharand for her safety, was placed on the ship with Edea around 12 years ago. Edea leaves alone due to having been possessed by Sorceress Ultimecia to become a political figure in Galbadia. During the SeeD graduation ball she ventures to the Balamb Garden training center and is attacked by a monster and saved by Squall and Quistis.

After the encounter, two White SeeDs escort Ellone away. After having escaped Galbadia's missile attack on the Garden by activating an ancient mechanism that allows the structure to become mobile, the White SeeD Ship intercepts the seaborne Balamb Garden to fetch Ellone. Sometime after this, the White SeeD come across an Estharian vessel. They try to outrun it, but are unable to. Ellone makes the jump from the White SeeD Ship to the Estharian sea vessel, and upon obtaining her, the Estharian ship leaves. In Round 2 onwards I'll also post their total tally this year.

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Final Fantasy VIII - Walkthrough/FAQ

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