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It was almost too much to take. She wanted him to keep on licking it forever but her body began to shake violently, which caused the head board to crash against the wall like claps of thunder. Treating her a little rougher this time he dragged her towards him and quickly turned her over so that her ass was lined up with his throbbing knob, he then drove it straight between her chubby cheeks. She gave an almighty gasp but then relaxed her muscles allowing him Fucking her up the butt establish a steady rhythm. When Ricky could feel his goo moving up once more he Fucking her up the butt the speed and his balls were crashing against her ass as he made those last forceful strokes.

When it was rock hard he opened up her legs, rammed it into her hole and gave her the pussy pounding of her life. As his dick slipped into her naturally lubricated interior he completely forgot their age difference — it felt so good. It Milf spread pussy thumbnail pics a little extra time for him to cum but when he did it Mandy went berserk and he had to grab onto her arms and hold her down as he strained to make those last final thrusts. When she climbed into bed that night her husband Matt said that he had a little surprise for her.

If you're drunk for the activity, you may be tempted to go balls to the wall, like a battering ram at the castle gates. I strongly advise against this approach. Be sober, and keep your wits about you. Warming her up is a must. The female needs to be very relaxed for what's about to go down. There are some things you can do to ensure this is the case. Taking a hot shower before any action is a good idea for both relaxation purposes and hygiene. In addition to this, you can calm her down using a full body massage, with emphasis on the ass. You could engage in some foreplay to get her excited, make out, and play with her pussy before taking things to the next step.

This prepares her mind and body, and gets her into the necessary zone. You could have vaginal sex to warm up as well. Just because putting it in the ass is the main attraction doesn't mean you shouldn't start with something a bit more familiar first. Plus the more aroused she is, the easier it will be. Prepare her ass with your fingers. You don't want to immediately jump to the part where you stick your dick inside. Start by gently rubbing her hole, encouraging her to relax if she seems tense. If you're not afraid, it's a good idea to use your tongue for this as well. If the girl you're with is open to letting you stick it in her ass, it's safe to assume she'll appreciate your tongue there as well.

If you haven't done this before, you should try it, you may like it.

And if you're afraid to lick a girl's ass, I'd have to wonder why you'd want to fuck Fucking her up the butt then. Anal is about experimenting, just like burt trying something upp you, you try something for her. If this is her first time, she's likely very nervous, so reminding her to take deep breaths will do both of you a favor. How to do finger insertion Once she's relaxed and Amateur ukrainian nude, use your finger to put some light pressure on the opening of her ass. You don't want to push too hard at first, let it slide in on its own, one knuckle at a time.

Pay attention to her breathing, and try to coordinate the insertion with her exhalation. Once your finger is all the way in, don't move it for a while. While she is getting used to this sensation, stimulate the rest of her body with your other hand. You can massage her more, rub her clit, or kiss her. Once again, if you notice that she is tense, try to calm her down by talking to her, and encouraging her to relax. Use a lot of lube. Water based ones are best. Unlike the pussy, the rectum does not lubricate itself. This may seem obvious, but it's so important that I need to say it. A little bit is not enough, you need to use a lot. If you think you've put enough on there, put even more.

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This activity should not hurt, and that makes this ingredient extremely necessary. Coconut oil also works quite well, smells nice, tastes nice, and is antibacterial. The warming up and the lube are both non-optional when it comes Fucking her up the butt anal sex. This seems like it would be intuitive, but a surprisingly large number of people do not do this. You probably read the second part correctly, by the way: Use a hook motion with your finger if you have to. But simply taking a huge shit will not expunge tiny fecal remnants. You need to get everything. It can, but a lot of lucky things have to happen.

Namely, you or your partner would have to be the kind of person who gives themselves an enema on a daily basis on the off-chance you meet someone you want to exchange asshole bacteria with. I have never met anyone dedicated enough to assfucking who actually does this. The rectum is lubricated progressively. Any person who lubricates their dick once and sticks it inside of you without re-lubricating is a fucking idiot and an idiot at fucking. Men are really horny after they take a huge shit. There is the second stimulation of actually inserting something in your ass.

Then, if you wait for about fifteen or twenty minutes and do it again, the prostate is especially sensitive and the third wave is euphoria. Full-body spasms, which seem like the kind of experience reserved for women when they talk about their most intense g-spot orgasms. Think about the implications of what this means when bisexual or homosexual men go around looking to have casual sex with other men, and specifically at gay clubs known for this. To this day, I have not heard anyone talk about this, nor have I seen it happen in porn. At the very least, you can insert two thumbs.

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